Bjika Biography

Hailing from the Garden of England, Bjika is a creative sound designer embracing the best of analog and digital, exploring the ethereal nature of music and the delicious liquid wash of effects.

Merging the ambience of 90’s progressive house with the rawness of Detroit techno was his inspiration for blending styles. His concept of merging styles has since widened to encompass deep house and dub techno. With such varied influences and unconstrained creativity, his output is diverse. When asked what he called his style, he replied ‘I don’t know - I just write, I just let the music come out’.

Bjika’s music is an emotional release, with influences from a broad spectrum of electronic styles, the result is a sound that merges and unites to form something both refreshing and reminiscent. There is a deepness and an ambience of both deep house and atmospheric dnb, with the structure and subtle complexity found in Detroit techno and dub techno.

Having honed and refined his production skills, Bjika’s output is prolific and his artist repertoire extends beyond 2 hours. He is well capable of delivering a range of styles from 80 to 180 bpm, all with his hallmark lush sounds. His performances can be based around his deep techno style or tailored to suit the event, spanning break beat, deep house, deep/dub techno, grime, dubstep, trance and drum and bass – perfect for mixed crowds at festivals.

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